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25 April 2018
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Live updates

There will now be no further updates. Thanks for following along!

6:30 am

I've just treated myself to a well-deserved (and free!) bacon buttie, and frankly, it was REALLY bloody good. Oh, and by the way, ketchup is the best sauce. 'Nuff said.

Anyhow, it's time to say a series of sad goodbyes to my colleagues, exchange details and hope that we shall meet again. I really appreciate y'all following along, your donations and all your kind words.

My name's Connor Gurney, I'm 18 and I've just done my bit to support the homeless population in York. This is only the beginning though — follow my Twitter and keep your eyes on my website for more information.

5:30 am

And the early bird catches the worm here on York Racecourse, where I've just battled the elements for six-and-a-half hours in support of the homeless population up and down the length and breadth of our Isles.

I'm going to try and wake myself up, seeing as I'm still groggy, and go to grab myself a well-deserved bacon buttie. In the meantime, feel free to browse my kit list to get some idea of the logistics behind my work.

11:00 pm

Team photo done, and some of the others sure look better than me — not hard, mind you! It's been a really long night, but an incredible one, and I can't wait till the morning... definitely not excited for the bacon butties, I promise.

As I wind down for a few hours of kip, please join me in hoping that it doesn't rain and offering your donations to make this all worthwhile. See you at 5:30 am!

10:30 pm

That was an hour and a half I'll never forget... and I can now publicly confirm that nobody went deaf as the result of my voice! We've all really began to get to know each other, which is absolutely great.

Next up will be a team photo — not only are we making life easier for the homeless, but we're also making memories and building awareness around what they face every day. It seems only right to remember our work.

9:00 pm

And yet another amazing speech from Jo at Chill in the Community, which has really opened my eyes to how big the problem of homelessness is on the streets of our beautiful city, even in this day in age. It shouldn't be like this, and I really hope that our work tonight helps to decrease the number of people suffering on the streets.

Coming next is quite the icebreaker — not only food but pianooke! Of course, I had to search on the Internet to find out exactly what the heck that is... it's karoake to a piano. Now it's time to head off and deafen my colleagues with my voice.

You can continue to get involved in the discussion tonight on Twitter with the hashtag #CEOSleepoutYork, or tweet me @gxrneyme. Your donations also mean a great deal to us.

8:50 pm

We've just had a bloody incredible speech from Jo at Changing Lives that has shown us the real world impact that our hard work tonight will have on the most vulnerable people across the nation.

Coming next is another speech — from another lady called Jo, in fact! — from Chill in the Community, a café and community hub in Acomb, York, who support some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Their work is incredible, if I'm honest.

8:40 pm

Well, crikey! That was an absolutely excellent speech from Will, and one that really made me think about what we're doing this evening. Still nervous, but feeling slightly less so now.

Up next is our speech from Jo at Changing Lives, a charity providing support to the homeless and vulnerable population across the North of England. They do great work, day-in, day-out.

Again, you can keep donating quickly and easily online with JustGiving. I really appreciate your support as my colleagues and I battle the elements to raise money and awareness for one of the most vulnerable segments of society.

Your donations, as always, are hugely appreciated. You can donate quickly and easily online with JustGiving.

8:25 pm

The majority of those expected to attend tonight are now here, and people are beginning to get ready for a speech with William Derby, CEO at York Racecourse where the sleepout is being held.

I'm not sure quite what to expect from Will's speech, but I really hope he emphasises the real world impact that everybody's work will have on the homeless community in York, North Yorkshire and nationally.

7:30 pm

I've just arrived at York Racecourse, where business leaders from across North Yorkshire continue to turn up in their droves to support the homeless community.

Though I'm skeptical of the weather forecast, I'm very excited to raise money for those in need, come rain or shine! You can get involved on Twitter @gxrneyme with the hashtag #CEOSleepoutYork.

Your donations, as always, are hugely appreciated. You can donate quickly and easily online with JustGiving.

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