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Many are dead after yet another tragic act of violence in the schools of America.

22 May 2018
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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

25 years on: Bishopsgate bombing

9,131 days ago, innocent lives were changed forever in an atrocious attack.

Aimed at the heart of our nation, a vehicle bomb detonated at 10:27am on April 24, 1993. It killed one man, News of the World photographer Ed Henty, and changed the lives of countless others.

It is vitally important that we never forget Ed or the 44 others who were injured that day. We must also never forget the victims of terrorism and violence around the world every single day.

My thoughts, as always, are with those affected by war, violence and extremism everywhere, their loved ones and those working tirelessly and courageously to combat it.

With love,
Connor Gurney

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