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Many are dead after yet another tragic act of violence in the schools of America.

18 June 2018
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Sunday, 15 April 2018

29th anniversary of Hillsborough

Today is a dark day in the history of sport, justice and the United Kingdom.

On April 15, 1989, 94 men, women and children perished in a disaster that can only be described as the result of negligence and incompetence at every level. 766 were injured, and 2 died later — one only 4 years later in March 1993.

I have so much respect, from the bottom of my heart, for the families of those injured and worse on that fateful day, for fighting back against the incompetence, failures and plain lies of the very authorities who were meant to protect their loved ones.

To this day, my family across the Merseyside-Cheshire border near Liverpool and I refuse to buy the Sun, for their blaming of the victims shortly after the awful events that unfolded. Their coverage of the disaster was deplorable in every sense of the word.

On this April 15th, and every April 15th, my heart breaks for the victims, their families and everybody affected by the truly abhorrent events on that fateful day. I hope that, in due course, we see justice for the ninety-six.

You'll never walk alone.

With love,
Connor Gurney

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